Monday, January 10, 2011

- 30-year Treasury bond: -5.3% since entry Dec. 20 (using 300% leveraged ETF)
- Natural gas: +6.1% since entry Dec. 29 (using 200% leveraged ETF)
- Gold: entry Jan. 10

- Crude oil: -15.2% since entry Oct. 18 (using 200% leveraged ETF)

- BKX U.S. Bank Index (short): +1.2% between entry Jan. 4 and exit Jan. 10 (using 300% leveraged ETF)
- Nikkei (short): -0.1% between entry Jan. 4 and exit Jan. 10 (using 200% leveraged ETF)

- Trade results are as of the close of trading on Friday, Jan. 7. Any new and closed positions are as of the open on Monday, Jan. 10, unless otherwise noted.
- Returns on trades are based on my own positions and costs, not the underlying market prices, unless otherwise noted. Returns from closed trades include trading fees. My own return may differ from the return of the underlying market because of variations in how the security I used tracks the market. In some cases, my return is based on a leveraged fund and may also include currency exchange into Canadian dollars.

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